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July 07 2013

5787 4435
cool, cute, fashion

Image size: 500x515
5789 be0d
actress, beautiful, black hair

Image size: 500x750
5790 d49f
cool, corset, cute

Image size: 500x500
1316 d2ea
adorable, amazing, awesome

Image size: 500x340
1318 49cf
cool, cute, fashion

Image size: 500x312
9640 f84f
adorable, amazing, awesome

Image size: 400x267
9642 e0e6
black, clothes, couple

Image size: 500x500
9643 21c7
*_________*, Cutes, adorable

Image size: 500x750
8126 8e4e
:D, beach, beautiful

Image size: 500x375
8128 c296
Hot, beauty, bracelet

Image size: 403x403
8129 8403
apple, case, cool

Image size: 500x333
5506 ec2c
cake, cream, cupcake

Image size: 500x500
5508 30b5
cool, cute, hate

Image size: 333x333
4179 0b61
beautiful, beauty, black and white

Image size: 475x475
4052 1251
Dr Dre, adorable, amazing

Image size: 500x332
4054 6e7f
:D, beach, beautiful

Image size: 500x333
2902 8f93
Hot, adorable, beautiful

Image size: 500x700
9503 8212
beautiful, blonde, cara

Image size: 457x750
1528 1bf6
Otaku, adorable, anime

Image size: 400x512
9474 c63d
<3, candy, chocolat

Image size: 500x704
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