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July 15 2013

9115 0107
feelings, miss, quotes

Image size: 500x500
4135 3a76
glee, gleeks, gleek

Image size: 500x335

July 14 2013

6896 f714
cry, forgot, good

Image size: 499x693
9374 9f23
beautiful, black and white, pretty

Image size: 500x332
9375 ca25
always, unicorn, beautiful

Image size: 500x332

July 13 2013

2474 1eca
diy, food, package

Image size: 500x3013

July 08 2013

0367 57f1
Dream, Forever Young, amazing

Image size: 500x332
0369 9ca2
A&F, Best, abercrombie

Image size: 640x431
0370 eb18
Hot, adorable, b&w

Image size: 500x670
0371 e9ba
Hot, adorable, blue eyes

Image size: 476x750
8943 8140
Hot, adorable, amazing

Image size: 500x318
8634 4d81
Hot, adorable, beautiful

Image size: 1091x736
6898 3dd9
blouse, cool, corset

Image size: 500x367
6899 77ac
blouse, cool, cute

Image size: 500x375
5782 ca41
Hot, adorable, beautiful

Image size: 500x695
0906 9925
Dream, Hot, art

Image size: 500x329
5783 4634
Dream, Hot, art

Image size: 500x329
5784 7c60
adorable, amazing, art

Image size: 500x395
5785 b105
Hot, adorable, b&w

Image size: 500x610

July 07 2013

5786 5536
1, :D, beach

Image size: 500x665
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